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Our Principles

  • Ensuring our close environments are healthy, enjoyable, safe places.
  • Supporting health professionals by breaking the chains of pathogen contagions.
  • Keeping long term health of our homes and work environments.

We provide scientifically proven solutions that minimize health risks from pathogens and contaminants.

We are committed to scientifically prove the risk reduction and not take relevant information out of context that could mislead the efficacy parameters.


Experienced management team and solvent industrial and financial partners.

AOP TECHNOLOGIES is piloting tests in clinical and industrial áreas, including prstigious hospitals.


Deep knowledge of Open-Air Factor technology applications to many sectors and industries. Strong pipe-line of new products and uses.


Own patent for the manufacture of equipment under our own brand.

AOP-TECHNOLOGIES is on the market with its own brand: PUROH.


Powerful medical and research team for R&D.

AOP_TECHNOLOGIES participates in integration projects of its patented technology (OH●) in third-party industry.

the quality of the air you breathe is the key for a healthier life

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