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Puroh Cyclohnic

1.415,00  + VAT

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Puroh Cyclohnic

1.415,00  + VAT

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Puroh has developed a revolutionary device for environmental hygiene in farms and livestock establishments, where polluting particles are very large and air purifiers are not an efficient or recommended option.

Cyclohnic is the alternative for the livestock and agricultural sector thanks to the combination of OH technology and the photocatalysis effect of the patented Kleenfan technology.

These technologies are safe for animals, and the device is protected against pollutants in these environments with a double filtration stage for large particles: a cyclonic filter in which the particles are retained and deposited and another G4 filter that protects the inside of the device, with efficiency according to the EN779 standard.

This device is ideal for installation in livestock farms with all types of animals: pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, poultry, etc., because it inactivates a large part of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, and also mineralises a large part of the gases that are generated by the nature of livestock activity, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia or other formaldehyde and cleans the air of particles that can cause illnesses in animals.

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More Information

  • Specially designed for livestock, diary or animal centres.
  • Combines a double patented purification technology through Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP):
    • Innovative OH active technology with hydroxyls that inactivates pathogenic microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), improves air quality (reducing volatile organic compounds and suspended particles) and eliminates odours.
    • Kleenfan technology. Fan covered by a layer of titanium dioxide on which an ultraviolet light activates a photocatalytic process. Mineralises pollutants (NOx, SOx, COx, formaldehyde, VOCs, etc.).
  • Depending on the model, five filtration stages to catch air particles:
    • Standard Model:
      • Cyclone dust remover with collector.
      • G4 (ZLM) according to EN779 standard.
    • Active Model:
      • Molecular mineral filter
      • Activated carbon filter
      • Organic filter of plant origin
  • Plug&play equipment without regulation.
  • Self-supporting stainless steel housing AISI 304, prepared for ceiling suspended installation.
  • Aspiration through the cyclonic filter with a drain to empty the tank
  • Double inlet centrifugal fan driven by an external rotor motor with very low consumption and noise level.

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