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Puroh K7 OH+FC

2.569,00  + VAT

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Puroh K7 OH+FC

2.569,00  + VAT

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The K7 HEPA device purifies the air thanks to the three stages of filtration according to the EN779 and EN1822 standards, this last one contemplates H14 absolute filters whose particle retention efficiency is 99.995%.

The G4, F7 and H14 filters, through which the air passes, retain particles (volatile organic compounds, bacteria, allergens, mould, viruses, etc.) and the air returns to the room free of contaminants.

It can be installed in any space: from hospitals, research centres and laboratories, to food preservation areas, schools, gyms, transport, offices, veterinary clinics or shopping centres, among others.

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  • High-efficiency air purification and filtration unit with three stages of filtration:
    • G4 (ZLM) pre-filter according to EN779 standard
    • F7 intermediate filter according to EN779 standard
    • H14 absolute filter with 99.995% efficiency according to EN1822 and sealed with polyurethane for 100% air filtration.
  • Continuous recirculation of the indoor air through the three filtration stages guarantees air purification by capturing particles and pollutants such as: dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses and fine particles PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.
  • Self-supporting galvanised steel frame, prepared for recessed installation in false ceilings.
  • Suction and discharge grille (maintenance-free) integrated in a RAL9016-coloured frame. Other finishes available on request.
  • Easy-access register panel for filter replacement.
  • Centrifugal fan with external rotor EC motor with very low power consumption and noise level. Cassette with a constant flow rate up to 300 m3 /h.
  • Visual indicator of dirty filter alarm by means of differential pressure switch.

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