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Puroh Cyclohnic Twin

2.475,00  + VAT

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Puroh Cyclohnic Twin

2.475,00  + VAT

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Cyclohnic Twin is an air purifier for environmental contaminants designed to improve the environment in areas with high concentrations of suspended particles (PM). In spaces with high particle concentrations such as wood industries, marble and silica industries, animal farms, etc., Cyclohnic Twin has the ability to eliminate suspended particles, decontaminating the air, as well as disinfecting the air using OH technology, eliminating viruses, bacteria, and odors.

It draws the air inside through 2 cyclones that incorporate a large deposit where solid particles (sawdust, silica, cereal dust,…) precipitate, with an emptying cap for easy maintaenancel, and two filtration stages G4 + F8 according to the standard (EN779). It includes a centrifugal double suction fan with an external rotor motor with very low consumption and a peroxide purifier cartridge for OH generation.

The innovative OH active technology consists of the efficient production of hydroxyl radicals, harmless to humans, which disinfect both the air and surfaces through a chain reaction. Through Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP), they eliminate up to 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), improve air quality (reducing volatile organic compounds and suspended particles), and eliminate odors.

It includes a disinfectant consumable with a hydrogen peroxide solution for the generation of hydroxyl radicals.

The two openings allow for one or two air ducts to optimize the suction at different heights where most particulate matter aerosol is maximum.

Plug&Play equipment without regulation.

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