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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I to turn the device on?

You just need to plug the device to a power outlet and insert the cartridge as per the instructions. Please look at the operations manual before, and check the adequate voltage in your country. Place the cartridge into its compartment. In the case of Puroh Room and Wellisair, a pulsating blue light will show that the product is in check-up mode before starting to operate. When the light is fixed, it is already operative. The color of the LED will indicate the air quality, after a while the LED should remain blue indicating an optimum air quality.

Where should I place it?

We recommend one device per 50sqm, and its location will depend on air flow, but at a height of 1.5m from the floor or on the ceiling it will achieve its best spread of the radical chain reaction throughout the room.

What maintenance does it need?

It does not need any maintenance. There are no filters or any other spare parts except a peroxide cartridge that must be changed when a warning signal lights up. With a hypothetical use of 24 hours, seven days a week, the cartridge would last over three months.


It has a very low consumption of only 3.6W/h

How do I know when to change the cartridge?

A light will light up on the front of the device, indicating that the cartridge is empty. The compartment where the cartridge is housed is always accessible for a visual check.


For Puroh room, Puroh Lift and Wellis, about 50 square meters in open spaces. In offices, rooms, boxes, waiting rooms, a device must be installed in each space for safe and complete sanitation. The products for industrial and commercial use Puroh K7 OH and Puroh Cyclohnic have much more reach, but we recommend contacting us for a detailed study.


Puroh devices have a low noise level, which differentiates them from other types of devices such as HEPA filters. In addition, in night mode the led indicator turns off and reduces even more the noise of the small fan, facilitating a comfortable sleep.


In the case of public places where the device has to be working, but due to its characteristics the detector is often in red (gyms, yoga, where perfumes, deodorants are detected; dry cleaners, copy shops, dental clinics, etc.) it is recommended to turn the device in “night mode” so as not to show the led in red, thus avoiding to alarm the public. The device continues to perform its purifying and decontaminating work.

Short term

In specific cases, such as people with allergies or chemical sensitivity, the benefits are immediate. The same happens in cases of irritations due to exposure to pollutants. The improvement in air quality, odors, pollution should also be perceived within a few hours of its start-up.

Hydroxyl radicals decontaminate the environment of pathogens, thus avoiding any source of contagion.


Long-term exposure to pollutants has very harmful effects on health. In homes or buildings in cities, and in certain types of industries there are many risks that are only visible after years. Puroh helps avoiding these effects and ensures good health. Puroh turns stale, dangerous air into fresh, natural air.

Corrosion risk

The ionizers that are also attributed decontamination benefits work by emitting positive or negative ions (cations and anions) that also oxidize and therefore corrode metals. For this reason, they are not indicated in places with the presence of medical instruments, electronic devices such as computers, machines, household appliances, etc. Puroh’s technology emits neutral hydroxyl radicals which do not affect metals.

Why doesn’t it affect humans or animals?

Complex living organisms such as animals or humans have developed our own antioxidant system that inhibits the action of radicals. In the case of microorganisms, they do not have this capacity, so the oxidizing action of the radicals attacks their cell lipid wall and eliminates them.

This chain reaction occurs normally in the upper layers of the atmosphere and, and for this reason these radicals are called the natural air detergent.