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Puroh Wellis

420,00  + VAT

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Puroh Wellis

420,00  + VAT

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Puroh Wellis cleans, purifies and disinfects the air and surfaces from all hazardous elements using the air cleaning methods found in nature.

The state-of-the-art, innovative and patented Wellisair technology generates and spreads hydroxyl radicals (OH·) which by using oxidation eliminates 99.9% of the existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) -according to studies conducted in universities and independent laboratories-.

The Puroh Wellis application field is very wide and diverse: Hospitals, laboratories, food conservation, public spaces, education buildings, transports, offices, veterinarian or malls among many others.

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More Information

  • Purifier and disinfectant of air and surface device for enclosed spaces which produces and spreads effectively hydroxyl radicals (OH).
  • Removes 99.9% of existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), according to studies carried out in universities and independent laboratories.
  • Compact and smart design with rounded shapes and radius.
  • Very low electric consumption: 3.6 watts per hour.
  • It operates with cartridges containing a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Each cartridge has a 3 month lifetime.
  • On average, it reaches about 50-60 square meters.
  • Tactile keypad with buttons: ON/OFF, night mode and alarm indicators.
  • Real time led which shows the air and surface contamination state inside the actuation zone.
  • Very low sound level.
  • The night mode turns the led OFF and reduces noise making sleep easier.
  • Without filters.
  • To achieve a better and wider disinfection action, it’s recommended to place the appliance at a height of 1.5 meters from the ground, separated from corners at least 60cm and make easier the air circulation between all the rooms of the local/home.
  • Informative note from the Ministry of Health on devices that generate free radicals (uses, notification and warnings): link .


Automatic operation

Automatically purifies airborne and surface contaminants

Night Mode

Minimal noise, quiet functioning. Low brightness for comfortable sleep.

Cartridge Alarm

Lets you know in advance when you need replace cartridge


Notifies in case of empty cartridge or when improper inserting causes a stop in function

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