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Dental Clinics

Dental Clinics

Preventing infections in dental clinics has always been a focus of attention in the healthcare sector. Conventional HEPA filters do not eliminate occupational risks in an environment with frequent interventions and aerosol generation that can last for hours in the air.

However, PUROH definitively solves this problem with a different approach: air and surface purification technology based on the generation of the Free-Air Factor with neutral hydroxyl radicals OH.

With a very small and economical device that emits a disinfectant radical reaction, PUROH achieves the elimination of the most frequent nosocomial pathogens in a dental clinic: coronavirus, rhinovirus, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.

This reaction has been known for some time as effective and natural since it occurs regularly in the upper layers of the atmosphere in a natural process called Advanced Oxidation. PUROH achieves the generation of these radicals with an effective and harmless chain reaction. Multiple clinical studies support these results. PUROH does not affect any product or instrumental used in the clinic, despite oxidizing pathogens since it is based on neutral radicals, unlike ionizers.

PUROH purifies continuously in a harmless and effective way. This is not another filter purifier that has to pass all the risky air through the filter before another intervention or patient enters. In the time between each intervention, only a small fraction of the air has been filtered. Not to mention that they do not act on surfaces, their noise, price, and subsequent filter handling.

The technology has the Medical Device certificate from the FDA and the EU. Consult its specifications or contact us for a more detailed explanation of its advantages.

Dental clinics are one of our main customers as the main beneficiaries of our technology. Incorporating this technology has benefits for the safety of your clinic, your employees, and patients, but also an economic benefit due to lower sick leave, risk prevention, and improvement in the clinic’s image, which can be communicated with our material.


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