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Food Preservation

New natural technology that increases preservation and prevents contamination in food storage.

PUROH is a device based on replicating the natural phenomenon of the well-known Open-Air Factor. The air’s disinfectant and preservative properties have been known for centuries. Drying and curing food in the open air has been practiced for millennia, but it was only relatively recently that the chemical process was identified: in the open air, in spaces with clean and clear air, neutral hydroxyl radicals abound, produced in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and are the cause of the disinfectant reaction called the Open-Air Factor.

PUROH noticed this natural reaction and has managed to replicate it in various devices depending on their use or application.

In food preservation, it acts due to its microbiological control power, eliminating the saprophytic bacteria that spoil and damage the food, significantly increasing its shelf life. It also helps prevent the risk of accidental contamination. On the other hand, in the case of fruits and vegetables, it improves their ripening because it replicates the one produced in the plant, through its oxidative stress, which makes the fruits have more flavor and nutritional properties by increasing their level of sugar and antioxidants. PUROH achieves ripening as if the fruit were still on the tree or plant.

This technology can be applied in small devices for small enclosures or chambers, as well as in larger devices for large warehouses. It is innocuous but very effective, especially at low temperatures, with little noise or consumption.

PUROH mineralizes volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a four-phase reaction, ending in innocuous compounds such as water vapor, oxygen, or soluble carbonates. It eliminates pathogenic microorganisms by denaturing their outer membrane. This patented technology is generated by slight ozonation of a hydrogen peroxide cartridge, which ignites the sanitizing chain reaction.

PUROH has been rigorously tested and has demonstrated its effectiveness in international studies. PUROH reduces 99.9% of bacteria and fungi within its range. In tests carried out, it has shown total disinfection in closed containers in less than two hours. The technology already has the Medical Device certificate from the FDA and the EU.

If you have any questions or want more information about the PUROH purifier, want to perform a measurement, or want to learn more about the studies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Food transportation

Natural technology for conservation and microbiological risk control in food transport through the Free-Air Factor.

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