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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

As you may know, the pharmaceutical industry is the most closely monitored activity to ensure both the prevention of contamination in the manufacture of drugs and the preventive measures to exposure to active ingredients.

Good practices include a whole series of mandatory measures, specified in great detail in each task. These include sterile rooms, clean rooms, positive/negative pressure rooms, closed ventilation systems, laminar flow curtains, insect traps, airlocks, protective clothing, personal protective equipment, etc.

To this arsenal of measures, AOP-Technologies adds the PUROH range as an additional tool to increase the hygiene threshold of a laboratory. Both to prevent contamination by exposure to active ingredients and to guarantee the absence of microbiological contamination in the manufacturing processes.

PUROH is a technology for eliminating volatile organic compounds and microorganisms. It is based on the well-known principle of Open-Air Factor, which occurs in the upper layers of the atmosphere and is called a natural detergent. PUROH has managed to replicate this reaction in a device that lightly ozonates a hydrogen peroxide cartridge, causing a chain reaction of neutral hydroxyl radicals OH·. This chain reaction spreads through the environment in different ways depending on air currents and humidity and temperature conditions. The radicals mineralize volatile organic compounds in four stages until they are converted into harmless substances such as oxygen, water, or soluble carbonates. It is completely harmless to humans, but lethal to microorganisms as it denatures their membrane.

PUROH technology is presented in different devices but has the versatility to be incorporated into any ventilation duct and improve its capacity and performance. Its consumption and cost are minimal. The technology already has the Medical Device certificate in the FDA and the EU.

Its scope of application in the pharmaceutical industry is broad, and we publish the technical specifications and all clinical studies with different types of pathogens in this link, as well as a more detailed description of the technology at the microbiological level and its safety. The technology has the Medical Device certificate in the FDA and the EU. Contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with more details about the product and help you find a way to increase the quality of your products and better prevent risks.


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